Tracy Rawle CEO of Check City

The CEO of Check City, Tracy Rawle, is a Utah native. He is also the CEO and founder of Softwise, Inc., a payday loan and check cashing software company. Softwise Inc. is presently the leading software in the field and has been used to the benefit of both Check City and other businesses in the financial services industry.

Personal Life

Tracy grew up in the city of Provo and had a very sports-oriented upbringing, which included baseball, football and snow skiing. (When Tracy isn’t working he is either on the golf course or skiing in the beautiful mountains of Utah with his family). Once he completed high school at Timpview, Tracy served a two-year LDS mission in Independence, Missouri. After his return, he attended what is now known as Utah Valley University (UVU) and then went on to study at Brigham Young University (BYU). He met his wife Jan shortly after the completion of his schooling and they have been married for more than 33 years and have four children and five grandchildren. Family is an important part of Tracy’s life and he prides himself in having great family relationships. He loves to teach his sons his business and enjoys working with them.


Tracy has always been a hard worker and started at a young age too. He would wake up early before school and clean the family restaurant “The Rusty Nail” a pizza parlor and the family bakery RJ Wheatfields. He eventually became a cook and then a manager after that. After years of running the family restaurant business, a friend of his father’s introduced them to the idea of check cashing and financial services.

Tracy then moved his family to Virginia, after selling their restaurants, and started their check cashing business. His first store did so well that they were able to open multiple stores in the state and soon expanded to Maryland, Utah, Nevada and Colorado. Tracy’s expertise and experience of running his own business lead him from ten employees to nearly 500, creating one of the most successful companies in the industry. Although his career hasn’t come without setbacks, his hard work ethic and entrepreneurship helped him continue to have success.

Tracy Rawle’s Community Involvement

Since starting Softwise Inc., Tracy has become a board member of the Community Financial Services Association of America.

Tracy loves staying involved in his community politically, and all aspects of the payday loan industry. His involvement on the CFSA Board lets him foster best-in-class standards and advance innovative business practices in the industry. He has made donations to the CFSA and many donations to political campaigns. Tracy is a part of the Provo Education Foundation board and contributes to Provo’s educational system.

Family is a huge part of Tracy’s life and his business has become a part of his family. Tracy has created a family-like feel with his employees and they created a company-wide Facebook page called “Check City Family” where they can connect with each other and promote unity in all locations. Tracy loves his employees and prides himself in having great benefits at his company to ensure that all his workers are taken care of and rewarded for their hard work.