Tracy Rawle became acquainted with business concepts at a young age and was raised to understand the value of a strong work ethic. When Tracy and his family were introduced to the financial industry, they made the move to Richmond, Virginia where they opened their first check cashing store Check City.

Check City Services

Check City LogoCheck City is a direct lender that offers payday loans, which are easy to qualify for and affordable. Check city also offers a variety of high quality financial services from check cashing to complete tax, insurance and short term loan solutions. They provide cash advances, prepaid debit cards, bill pay services and they also buy unwanted gold, silver or platinum in store or online. They are a one stop shop for all your financial needs.

They have the latest technology and stay up to date with trends so that their customers have the the best services available. They pride themselves in their costumer service and want their customers to succeed without getting locked in revolving debt. Check City has been able to help countless people pay their bills and avoid overdraft fees or just help when they need a little extra cash.  

The Check City Family

Check City Storefront UtahAlthough Check City has experienced incredible growth over the years, the company has managed to maintain a family like atmosphere.

A few of the company’s employees even started a Facebook page that they call the “Check City Family.” This page is used to help employees maintain and develop connections with the members of other Check City locations.

The Rawle’s family takes pride in the fact that the company represents the close knit environment that Richard, Todd and Tracy envisioned when they first started down their new path. While Tracy takes pride in the success and development of his company, he is also grateful for the support of his family and the dedication of his employees who have helped bring his company this far and continue to propel its development into the future.